May First/People Link Need to Know Podcast

May First/Peole Link has a podcast! We host a variety of audio content. See below for more details.

Need to Know

Every month, we broadcast a presentation/conversation with people who work on and know about a specific theme of importance to our movements. Presenters are heard via phone or computer and people ask questions with a text box…usually all.

Points Taken

May First’s Lucas Lopez hosts this weekly conversation with people leading work in all kinds of movements.


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  • The Congressional Invasion, the Biden Presidency: What happens now?

    Biden is President. The Congress is over-run by right-wing thugs. We are in a new era. Now what? What do we demand of this new administration? What should we expect from this new situation? What do we think this new administration is going to do…what should we be doing?

    Presentations by Jerome Scott, Maritza Arrastia and Ken Montenegro, followed by small group discussions (not recorded) followed by report backs.

    [Unfortunately the beginning of the session is missing. It picks up just after Jerome begins his presentation.]

  • 2020 Membership Meeting Dues Proposal

    This presentation covers the proposal for re-structuring how we price the dues for membership.

  • 2020 Membership Meeting on Coop And Engagement

    The Coop and Engagement membership meeting discussion covered how best we can engage our members in our organizing and operations work.

  • 2020 Membership Meeting: Board Orientation

    This session provides an overview of the organization, specifically intended for anyone interested in joining the Board.

  • 2020 Membership Meeting on Movement Priorities

    At this meeting we discussed our Movement organizing priorities for the coming year.

  • 2020 Membership Meeting discussion on Technology Infrastructure and Services

    Our 2020 Membership meeting discussion on Technology Infrastructure and Services took place on October 27th. You can click above to hear the recording and participate in the discussion.

  • The Internet: Planning the Future

    The crises in our society have made clear not only how important the Internet is but how we must change it. Our culture of large meetings and conferences, our dependence on corporate communications and our lack of vision for the future now show themselves as serious political problems. We simply can’t go on doing things the way we are used to doing them and people in all our movements are identifying the challenges and discussing ways to deal with them.

    How we organize and how we communicate is going to have to change in fundamental ways and those changes will not only allow us to continue our work more effectively but give us an opportunity to build visioning bridges into the future.

    In this July Need to Know, activists involved in answering these challenges discuss with the attendees: the changes in collaboration today, including meeting and converging; developing an alternative to the Internet; and sketching a future based on this technology.

    It’s an exercise in visioning based on the very real challenges we are all facing.

  • Covid 19 Membership Checkin

    All members were invited to this quarterly convergence of members to confer with the Board on decisions it must make in its upcoming meeting.

    The membership consultation took the form of small group discussions focused on two rounds of questions:

    1) Think about what you, your organization, and the people and or movements you work closest with need most right now? What does this world need? What changes are necessary for this to happen?

    2) What role can you see May First Movement Technology playing in helping bring about those changes? Should this alter our plans and priorities? If so, how so?

    The recording captured the summary session - where all small groups reported back on their discussions.

    In addition, members participated via our online discussion system. Notes from the live meeting are posted to the online discussion.

  • Free Software During Corona Virus Pandemic

    A conversation about the movement’s software needs during this period of social distanting.

    The virus and the fact that so many activities must be cancelled as a result has underscored the importance of free software (or what is frequently called Free and Open Source Software). If you’re going on-line with what were your face to face activities, you really have to listen to what our panelists have to say.

    Micky Metts of Agaric, Jaime Villareal and Jamie McClelland of May First staff, and activist, writer and teacher Melanie Bush

    They’ll answer the questions many have been asking about free software, what is “open source” and, most immediately, how do we cope with this crisis while continuing our organizing work?

  • The Internet - where we are and what we do

    To kick off 2020, a panel and audience discussion of the current status of the Internet, its freedom, the issues challenging our use of it, its security and the alternatives to corporate control.