Member Benefits

May First Movement Technology members, along with all movement activists, benefit from the political organizing and technology leadership of the organization. As active supporters of global movements, such as the social forum and free and open media and technology coalitions, May First Movement Technology contributes our political thinking and technology skills to these important areas. We also contribute to the development of new technologies that are consistent with our political vision of a free and open Internet, including support for free and open source software and open network and data standards.

An important additional benefit of May First Movement Technology membership is the option (if you choose to make a benefits contribution along with your membership) to fully use of our shared, state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure. Built entirely on free and open source software and maintained with the security concerns and features needed by activists groups, our network allows members to host web sites, email accounts, mailing lists, databases, and just about any Internet-related service used by the movement. With 700 members ranging from beginners to technology experts, our shared network encompasses a huge range of options and a friendly environment to share experiences and knowledge.

When you choose to pay the optional benefits donation, you receive full access to all the benefits described above.

If you choose to only pay the membership dues, you are entitled you to a single email address, Nextcloud account and XMPP/Jabber chat account and you can always add the full benefits at a later date.

For a more complete description of our services, please see our services wiki page.

Technical Details

For the technically curious - our shared hosting infrastructure supports all common programming languages (PHP, perl, python, ruby, etc), the most common databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite), un-restricted ssh and Secure FTP access, webmail via the Roundcube web mail server as well as full, encrypted access via IMAP or POP, the Mailman email list software, access to our bulk mail relay system (which sends hundreds of thousands of email messages daily), logins for our shared ownCloud server, accounts on our shared XMPP (Jabber) service, and many more services. Our members run Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Wikimedia, CiviCRM and many other content management systems and databases. All servers run the Debian stable operating system.


The rates are the same regardless of whether you are paying in Mexican pesos or in US dollars. If you are paying in Mexican pesos, the exchange rate is 20.27 Mexican pesos per dollar and will be changed as needed.

A $50 US dollar annual basic membership applies to all members. This basic membership fee is the minimum contribution necessary to join our cooperative and includes the basic service benefits of: one e-mail and one Nextcloud account with 10GB of storage between them.

Members who would like additional benefits will pay more depending on the benefits you want and your annual income.

The following table indicates your income(budget) range based on your annual income(budget) (in USD). Individuals will use their personal income and organizations will use their annual budget to determine their range.

Income(Budget) RangeAnnual Income(Budget) in (US dollars)
Income(Budget) Range 1less than $25,000
Income(Budget) Range 2between $25,000 and $150,000
Income(Budget) Range 3 between $150,000 and $500,000
Income(Budget) Range 4 over $500,000

Your dues plan begins at your base income(budget) range, but those who need extra resources can elect a higher dues plan to automatically contribute more dues and receive more disk resources. Members cannot scale down to a dues plan below your income(budget) range.

PlanTotal annual duesStorage limit
Plan 1$62.5024G
Plan 2$125.0060G
Plan 3$250.00150G
Plan 4$500.00375G

In the graphic below, income(budget) ranges are represented as separate train lines. The “entry point” indicates the nearest hosting plan represented as a train station available for that range. Smaller plans are available to the lowest income(budget) ranges but members in a larger income(budget) must choose a larger plan.

New membership dues subway map infographic

Members with hosting benefits may elect to contribute extra dues to increase their storage limits. The annual fees for increments varies by plan. There is an increment limit within each plan beyond which you will automatically transition to the next plan level.

PlanAnnual fees for every additional 10GLimit
Plan 1$17.5054G
Plan 2$14.00150G
Plan 3$11.15370G
Plan 4$8.00-

Click on the graphic below to see a table with all hosting plans, disk sizes, and total dues listed.

Hosting plan dues schedule

The base, monthly price for virtual private servers also depends on your income (budget) range. Each virtual private server comes with a 25GB system disk, 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM. You can add additional disks for data storage that will come out of your existing membership plan’s disk space allotment. You may also include additional CPU cores, RAM and/or SSD storage (see below for how those decisions affect your dues).

Base Income(Budget) RangeBase Monthly dues for VPS
Income(Budget) Range 1$45.00
Income(Budget) Range 2$70.00
Income(Budget) Range 3$120.00
Income(Budget) Range 4$220.00

CPUs, RAM and solid state drives

In addition to the base monthly dues for each virtual private server (which includes 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM), you may select additional CPU cores, RAM, and/or solid state disk drives for each virtual private server you have.

  • CPUs: $10/per month/per CPU (Max per VPS: 4)
  • RAM: $10/per month/per 1GB (Max per VPS: 8)
  • Solid State Drives: $20/per month/per 10GB (Max per VPS: 20GB)

If you have more then one virtual private server, you can mix and match your allocation of these resources as you wish.