Turning up the heat on Big Tech

NOTE: The english recording is split into two recordings representing the introduction and start of the webinar and the rest of the webinar. Due to technical difficulties, the quality of part one (the player on the left) is poor. The quality of part two (the player on the right) is better.

Ongoing apartheid violence in occupied Palestine, brutal anti-worker retaliation against organizing warehouse workers, and criminalization and violence against communities of color globally all depend on surveillance capitalism’s infrastructure – largely fueled by Amazon’s and Google’s military and police contracts. Join us for a panel bringing together movement voices who are turning up the heat on the unapologetic role of Google, Amazon, Zoom, Facebook and others in upholding and expanding the reach of state violence.

The speakers featured Matyos Kidane (Stop LAPD Spying), Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, and Jonathan Bailey (Amazon International).