2024 Election results are in

Our internal elections have concluded and votes have been tallied for electing the new May First board members, proposed bylaws changes and priorities for the next year.

We are very grateful to have received so many amazing candidates this year and we are happy to announce that the following May First members have been elected to our board of directors!

  • Charlotta Beavers - 94 votes
  • Yahaira Zapanta-Rosales - 88 votes
  • Ken Montenegro - 70 votes
  • Francisco Cerezo Contreras - 69 votes
  • Elijah Baucom - 67 votes
  • Carlos Eugenio Rodriguez - 63 votes
  • Kevin Ye - 63 votes

Technically, we had vacancies for only 6 seats on our board this year however after analyzing the results we found there was a tie for 6th place. Since we hadn’t run into this issue previously we do not have a procedure in place for resolving the tie. Rather than extend elections into a runoff period the board coordination team has opted to accept this fortuitous result and temporarily expand the board from 25 to 26 members for the next year. We will work on proposing new language for our bylaws that will detail how to decide tied elections in the future but for now we are very excited to begin working with the 7 board members listed above!

We extend our sincere appreciation to all of the candidates who applied and we hope to continue collaborating with you all through our program teams and other activities.

Members also voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving the proposed bylaws changes:

  • Make minor, editorial changes to the by-laws
  • Clarify procedures for expelling members in the by-laws

And finally, members voted to rank our priorities for the next year in the following order:

  • Continue to promote the pertinence of autonomous technologies within movement spaces - 301 votes
  • Continue writing documentation at https://help.mayfirst.org - 280 votes
  • Strengthen relationships, facilitate collaboration and build community among May First Members - 278 votes
  • Explore creative options for enabling new digital services at May First - 256 votes
  • Organize member workshops focusing on digital community care - 254 votes

We also thank each of our members who, by participating in this process, have helped to strengthen the participatory culture of our Cooperative.