May First/People Link Need to Know Podcast

May First/Peole Link has a podcast! We host a variety of audio content. See below for more details.

Need to Know

Every month, we broadcast a presentation/conversation with people who work on and know about a specific theme of importance to our movements. Presenters are heard via phone or computer and people ask questions with a text box…usually all.

Points Taken

May First’s Lucas Lopez hosts this weekly conversation with people leading work in all kinds of movements.


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  • Jerome Scott (Points Taken)

    Veteran activist Jerome Scott talks to Lucas about the state of our society and the challenges we face in saving ourselves and our world. A facinating conversation with one of our outstanding leaders.

  • Internet Under Trump (Need to Know)

    Highlander Research and Education Center’s Samir Hazboun, Free Press’s Jessica Gonzalez and Center for Media Justice’s Steven Renderos in a lively conversation about the Challenges to Our Internet Under Trump.

  • Sage Crump (Points Taken)

    Sage Crump is a cultural strategist, one of this country’s foremost activists working at the intersection of art and social justice. She works in and with a variety of organizations, many in the South, including the National Performance Network where she coordinates the Leveraging a Network for Equity program. She works with the Southern Arts Federation and is on the Board of the Center for Media Justice. In this Points Taken, she talks with Lucas about her work, the situation of art in our communities and its role in our struggles.

  • Spectre Meltdown (Need to Know)

    May First/People Link technologists Jaime Villareal and Jamie McClelland explain this latest major vulnerability, ways to deal with it and what we’re doing about it.

  • Membership Meeting 2017 Peer to Peer Technology
  • Membership Meeting 2017: Day 1 Orientation
  • Membership Meeting 2017: Email discussion
  • Membership Meeting 2017: Tech and Rev
  • 2016 Membership Meeting Panel

    Presenters: Alfredo Lopez (moderators), Laura Flanders, Ashley Abbott, Chinyere Tutashinda, Jerome Scott, Emily Kawano, and Georgia Bullen

  • Opposing Local Surveillance Webinar

    Webinar featuring:

    • Hamid Khan – Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
    • Dennis Flores – El Grito de Sunset Park
    • Jacobo Najera – May First/People Link - Mexico
    • Manisha Desai – May First/People Link and University of Connecticut