The struggles for digital and bodily autonomy go hand in hand

When Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, getting an abortion had very little to do with communications technology.

In contrast, today, as we start experiencing the devastating impacts of the decision’s repeal, getting an abortion is tightly bound with our digital selves.

We are already seeing reports of Facebook and Instagram removing posts mentioning abortion pills, high tech surveilance of those seeking abortions, and many other ways technology is embedded in the fight over autonomy and control of our bodies.

In response, we are seeing urgent calls for folks to delete their period apps, close their Facebook accounts, de-Google their cell phones and, generally speaking, turn their online lives upside down to avoid the techno-surveillance dragnet unleashed by the recent Dobbs decision.

May First has been encouraging movements to give up our dependence on corporate and surveillance technology for years and we will continue to do so. Yet, during a period of real and present crisis, we need to favor thoughtful, intentional and well-planned strategies. Rather then cycles of repression and panic, we need to build on our history and strengths.

Now is the time to remind folx that over the last 20 years, a growing movement of organizers and technologists have been building user-driven, privacy-respecting, consentful technology platforms as well as organizations and communities to develop them.

In the spirit of solidarity, we share this ecosystem of:

Like all collective endeavors, these projects need our love and support over the long haul. Please help spread the word - rather then just deleting an app, let’s encourage people to join an organization or try out technologies that will serve us now and down the road when we may need it even more then today.