The 2021 membership meeting approved and ranked the following priorities for 2022:

  • 390 Votes: Engage with movements to both provide useful technical resources while also developing their agency over their use of technology.
  • 366 Votes: Reorganize and improve documentation to fill gaps, ensure accessible language and guide members to using May First’s tools and services.
  • 346 Votes: Encourage member participation in May First program teams by creating a welcoming environment that overcomes exclusions originated by any type of oppression.
  • 334 Votes: Promote multiple methods of orientation for new members to facilitate participation in organizational processes and use of services.
  • 333 Votes: Deepen our internal understanding and awareness of global grassroots methodologies and engage with movements via building relationships, trust, and participation.
  • 332 Votes: Elevate our collective understanding of the political moment and how we organize together to take action toward long term social transformation.
  • 329 Votes: Challenge the link between corporate technology tools and the professionalization of movement organizing by highlighting the white supremacy, patriarchy and other forms of oppression inherent in corporate tools.
  • 325 Votes: Raise consciousness within global movements about what May First is doing and internally within May First about what global and local movements are doing.
  • 324 Votes: Find unity and common cause with other organizations and movements via shared values and principles.
  • 313 Votes: Center participation of members in processes of evaluation, renewal, and introduction of new technology services and tools to ensure these are relevant to movement work and sustainable by our cooperative
  • 271 Votes: Work towards making the details and usage of the cooperative’s physical infrastructure and energy consumption more transparent for members.

Previous year priorities: