May First is Now a Coop

With 115 members voting, the membership of May First/People Link has decided to convert our organization into a non-profit cooperative named May First Movement Technology.

Ending a process that took about six months, our organization now takes another step toward one of our central strategic goals: democratizing information technology by placing it in the hands of our entire movement for change.

You also approved our “special relationship” with the May First cooperative in Mexico and you gave the outgoing Leadership Committee the authority to continue coordinating our work until we elect the new Board of Directors.

We have a lot of work to do now: inform our movement of this decision and explain how it will impact our work and everyone else’s; implement the new workplan that was approved during the discussion process; work on setting up the Board elections for the Fall; and, of course, continue all the work we’ve been doing (including five new Technology and Revolution sessions).

The LC will meet to begin implementation of all that. For now, you can check out our transitional website.

We’re going to build a new one with new logos and a completely different site concept but that will take until the Fall because we have to design it and then discuss it thoroughly with all our members. For now, this one will do the job for us and has our new information and a transitional logo designed by Leadership Committee member Aarón Moysén. LC member Jamie McClelland did the work on the site.

Here are the results:

With 115 ballots cast (remember that an organization’s ballot counts for two votes)

Yes - No

Adopt the new bylaws formally transforming our organization into a not for profit cooperative

174 - 3

Give the current Leadership Committee the authority to continue in leadershp until the electrion of the new Board of Directors

176 - 1

Establish a special relationship with the May First Cooperative of Mexiso (as defined in the bylaws)

172 - 5

Let’s remember this: about 100 members took part in the process we have just completed with many meetings and conversations of all sizes and several drafts of the bylaws and the new workplan. This is a major development and you’ve made it possible through your hard work and your commitment.

Congratulations to our members!


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