The 2020 membership meeting approved and ranked the following priorities for 2021:

  • 520 Votes: Improve the economic sustainability of the organization
  • 506 Votes: Complete development and implementation of new technology infrastructure
  • 432 Votes: Expand work of bringing organizations and activists into May First while spreading our thinking within the rest of our movements
  • 423 Votes: Facilitate participation of May First members in developing and improving our technology and infrastructure
  • 390 Votes: Develop a program of collaborative work between our members in the U.S. and Mexico focusing on issues affecting both countries
  • 382 Votes: Explore options to make our data center operations more environmentally sustainable
  • 366 Votes: Develop a social media policy that addresses work on and education about current social media forms and begins to organize the development of alternative social media practices and programs
  • 356 Votes: Facilitate member to member communication
  • 298 Votes: Explore alternatives to the Internet - 298

Previous year priorities: