The election results are in!

Congratulations to all of our nominees and members who participated in this process.

We were able to elect ten board members instead of nine due to a new vacancy from a current board member stepping down. And, we may have an additional board election announcement in January as we confirm the status of all available board seats.

At this point, we can confirm the following elected board members:

  • Estrella Soria
  • Evelyn Donají Arellano
  • Beau Cromartie
  • Alfredo Lopez
  • Aarón Moysén
  • Omar Olivera Espinosa
  • Lyre Calliope
  • shawna finnegan
  • Jerome w Scott
  • Hamid Khan

Please our full list of our new board, including existing members.

The full vote results, including the ranked priorities can be found below.


Member votes for priorities were weighted between 1 and 4 depending on selections. Each weighted vote by organizational members was also multiplied by two.

Total Votes: Priority

  • 390: Engage with movements to both provide useful technical resources while also developing their agency over their use of technology.
  • 366: Reorganize and improve documentation to fill gaps, ensure accessible language and guide members to using May First’s tools and services.
  • 346: Encourage member participation in May First program teams by creating a welcoming environment that overcomes exclusions originated by any type of oppression.
  • 334: Promote multiple methods of orientation for new members to facilitate participation in organizational processes and use of services.
  • 333: Deepen our internal understanding and awareness of global grassroots methodologies and engage with movements via building relationships, trust, and participation.
  • 332: Elevate our collective understanding of the political moment and how we organize together to take action toward long term social transformation.
  • 329: Challenge the link between corporate technology tools and the professionalization of movement organizing by highlighting the white supremacy, patriarchy and other forms of oppression inherent in corporate tools.
  • 325: Raise consciousness within global movements about what May First is doing and internally within May First about what global and local movements are doing.
  • 324: Find unity and common cause with other organizations and movements via shared values and principles.
  • 313: Center participation of members in processes of evaluation, renewal, and introduction of new technology services and tools to ensure these are relevant to movement work and sustainable by our cooperative
  • 271: Work towards making the details and usage of the cooperative’s physical infrastructure and energy consumption more transparent for members.

Board Members

The selection of each nominee was tallied as one vote cast from individual members, and tallied as two votes cast from organizational members.

Board Candidate: Vote

  • Estrella Soria: 121
  • Evelyn Donají Arellano: 108
  • Beau Cromartie: 98
  • Alfredo Lopez: 97
  • Aarón Moysén: 96
  • Omar Olivera Espinosa: 88
  • Lyre Calliope: 74
  • shawna finnegan: 74
  • Jerome w Scott: 72
  • Hamid Khan: 72
  • Robert Robinson: 62
  • Nat Meysenburg: 57
  • Cristian Opaso: 44