Honoring Alfredo's Legacy: Watch the video

Thanks to everyone who came to our event honoring Alfredo’s Legacy at May First Movement Technology.

And, thanks to Vienna, KJ Rhee and the Center for NuLeadership we have an amazing send off video with all of your contributions:

Alfredo helped found May First Movement Technology 16 years ago and has been central in the organization’s development since then.

His vision of technology’s fundamental role in movement work, starting with his essay in the Organic Internet in 2007 and continuing through his analysis guiding the Technology and Revolution campaign over a decade later, has defined the organization and continues to have an enormous influence on the movement.

How do we know Alfredo? Every member knows him from the remarkably personal and thoughtful welcome message they received upon joining the organization. Most movement activists know him from his leadership during the US Social Forum, the Media Justice Network, or the Technology and Revolution campaign. Every member of our Leadership Committee and Board knows him as a tireless organizer with unwavering commitment to fight racism and build a multi-racial leadership. Our Mexican comrades from Laneta know him as the central advocate for joining forces to become a bi-national organization. Still others know him from the Left Forum, Allied Media Conference, or any number of other network events, conferences, coalitions and campaigns in which he has repped May First with ucanny insight and vision.