Alfredo Lopez Changes Roles

After 16 years as both a leader and a worker, Alfredo Lopez plans to transition from his staff responsibilities over the summer of 2021. He remains on the Board and committed as ever to May First and the collective struggle for a revolutionary transformation of society.

Please read below for information on how you can join us in honoring his legacy!

In Alfredo’s words:

In my nearly 54 years as an activist in movements for fundamental change, I have had the privilege of working in so many movements – the Puerto Rican independence movement, labor movement, education movements, left-wing journalism…so many – but none has been more politically important and rewarding for me than the 16 years of working for May First. We have built a unique and centrally important organization which has developed and expanded constantly. Part of that development is the broadening of the collaborative role of the leadership and, given what’s happening right now in the U.S. and the world, that process is an absolute priority. The best way to contribute to that is to step aside from the central role I’ve been playing and let May First collectivize that leadership and the timing of that necessary process coincides with my turning 72 years old. We need broader leadership, including from younger people, and I need a break. It’s a good time and so I’ve proposed that we do this transition and our leadership has accepted. In case there is any doubt, I fully plan to remain in the leadership of our organization (through my Board membership) and to contribute to our work in certain, specific projects.

Alfredo’s day-to-day work as our movement organizer has played a crucial role in May First’s development. As a co-founder of the organization, he developed our initial strategy around the organic Internet concept, guided our participation in the US Social Forums, and was the main architect of the Technology and Revolution campaign. He has tirelessly organized our Need to Know series; represented our organization at every conference, meeting and webinar that will have us; and, as every member knows, is the author of the most thoughtful and politically engaged new member welcome messages of any membership organization on the planet! All of us engaged in the day-to-day operations of the organization will miss his presence greatly.

Also, Alfredo’s transition coincides with our plans in 2021 to involve more members in our organization and develop new leadership to carry our work forward.

May First has grown through many internal transitions in the past. The organization started as a small project combining the labor of the May First Technology Collective and People Link in 2005. We transitioned to a membership organization with an appointed leadership committee in 2008, followed by an elected leadership in 2011, and then to a formal cooperative organization in 2019. In 2021 we plan to continue this process by launching and recruiting our members to join two work teams: one focused on our movement work and the other focused on building and maintaining our infrastructure and services. Alfredo’s last six months on staff will be devoted to supporting these teams to ensure a smooth transition. Stay tuned for announcements on how you can help develop a new generation of movement leaders.

Want to help? Please make a donation to honor Alfredo’s legacy, contribute to his retirement, and build the future of our organization.