Need to Know: The Internet -- Planning the Future -- Webinar July 8th

Please listen to our Need to Know on the future of the Internet.

The crises in our society have made clear not only how important the Internet is but how we must change it. Our culture of large meetings and conferences, our dependence on corporate communications and our lack of vision for the future now show themselves as serious political problems. We simply can’t go on doing things the way we are used to doing them and people in all our movements are identifying the challenges and discussing ways to deal with them.

How we organize and how we communicate is going to have to change in fundamental ways and those changes will not only allow us to continue our work more effectively but give us an opportunity to build visioning bridges into the future.

In this July Need to Know, activists involved in answering these challenges will discuss with the attendees: the changes in collaboration today, including meeting and converging; developing an alternative to the Internet; and sketching a future based on this technology.

It’s an exercise in visioning based on the very real challenges we are all facing and its a Need to Know you don’t want to miss.