May First 2020 Election Results are in!

The May First Movement Technology membership voting period has ended and results are shared below. This concludes our 2020 membership meeting activities and marks our second year successfully carrying out this excercise as a membership cooperative.

Vote tally

This year we had a total of 132 member ballots cast. As per our bylaws the votes of members registered as organizations count twice and individuals once.

Board Members completing their terms of service

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following board members who will be completing their terms for their participation and service:

  • Steven Renderos
  • Jamil Jonna

New board members

The following May First members have been elected to carry out a 3 year term on the May First Movement Technology Board of Directors:

Name - Votes received

  • Lucia Sánchez Torres - 172
  • Ken Montenegro - 151
  • Suren Moodliar - 149
  • Kyung-Ji Kate Rhee - 146
  • Dave Britton - 127
  • Dave Lindorff - 122

The following members have been named directly by May First workers to carry out a 1 year term as per our by-laws

  • Alice Aguilar
  • Natalie Brunner
  • Alfredo López
  • Jamie McClelland
  • Jaime Villareal

All of the above members will join the following 13 members who continue to serve their terms on the board of directors for a total of 24 active board members for 2021.

  • Maritza Arrastia
  • Emily Kawano
  • Samantha Camacho Guadarrama
  • Jes Ciacci
  • Micky Metts
  • Melanie E L Bush
  • René Pérez
  • Estrella Soria
  • Nat Meysenburg
  • Jerome w Scott
  • Robert Robinson
  • Pablo Correa
  • Hamid Khan

Change to bylaws approved

The ‘Change to bylaws to adjust membership dues’ as part of the new dues proposal has been approved with 179 votes in favor and 15 against.

Priorities for 2020

The staff and board took your feedback from our membership meeting activities over the past 7 weeks, condensed them into the following list of priorities and asked members to tell us which they felt were most important. The priorities are listed here with weighted scores in order of importance as ranked by members:

  • Improve the economic sustainability of the organization - 520
  • Complete development and implementation of new technology infrastructure - 506
  • Expand work of bringing organizations and activists into May First while spreading our thinking within the rest of our movements - 432
  • Facilitate participation of May First members in developing and improving our technology and infrastructure - 423
  • Develop a program of collaborative work between our members in the U.S. and Mexico focusing on issues affecting both countries - 390
  • Explore options to make our data center operations more environmentally sustainable 382
  • Develop a social media policy that addresses work on and education about current social media forms and begins to organize the development of alternative social media practices and programs - 366
  • Facilitate member to member communication - 356
  • Explore alternatives to the Internet - 298

Ballot error

Unfortunately we must acknowledge an important error on the ballot. The MFMT board intended to provide a list of 10 priorities for members to rank but only 9 appeared. The following item was omitted by mistake.

Improve website and documentation

More detailed sub priorities include:

  • better descriptions of available services
  • direct links to tutorials
  • organize the presentation of recordings of our convergences and workshops
  • facilitate member contributed documentation
  • migrate to a new documentation system that supports easier localization, easy publishing of video and other media elements and a better search engine

The staff offers a sincere apology for this error. The above issue received repeated feedback from members in the membership meeting consultations. This issue will still be included in the list of priorities for 2020 even though it could not be ranked by members.