Join us this Sunday at HOPE

May First Movement Technology is sponsoring a panel workshop this coming Sunday, August 2, at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference. It’s an important one for us and we encourage all to come to the event.

Sunday, August 2, 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm (U.S. Eastern time)

You can register at

Our workshop description:

HOPE is a technologists conference – one of the largest – that has, in the past, had some problems with right-wing technologists disrupting movement presentations. We think that’s part of a larger problem in technology and we are going to the conference to address that larger problem.

The left has historically fought corporate and government censors to ensure radical and revolutionary ideas can be freely shared under the banner of free speech. Recently, fascists have begun using the same free speech argument to support the spread of racism, misogyny, violence and hatred both online and irl. This has become especially true during the heavy switch to on-line organizing during the Covid crisis. This mixes with an increasing dependence on corporate marketed software including web-conferencing software like Zoom.

How do we fight back without compromising our own online organizing? What changes in our own meeting and conference culture need to be made? How do we avoid depending on corporate definitions of political extremism which have historically targeted trans folx, bogus political groupings such as “black separatist extremists” and other movement allies?

May First Board member Micky Metts is also leading an important workshop this Friday:

Surveillance Capitalism, Predictive Analysis, and You

Micky is one of this country’s top expert on this issue and you’ll want to hear her talk about it.

All on-line, all easy to access. Come!