Need to Know -- What's Going On in Nicaragua?

August 23, 2018 – 3:00 pm U.S. Eastern time

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Once one of the Americas’ most progressive governments, the regime in Nicaragua is battling a popular uprising that grows each day as the government repression, paramilitary attacks and murders and consistent refusal on the government’s deepening intransigence.

The meaning of the Nicaraguan situation for our struggles in the hemisphere and world…and in place like Mexico and the United States needs to be on everyone’s agenda. Activists from the front-lines of that struggle will explain what’s happening and discuss with you what you can do.

Come get the full story from the front lines!

Sociologist and Doctor in Public Health, Lea Patricia Guido is a veteran activist: involved in the struggle against Somoza, Minister of Health in the 1980s and a current prominent activist. One of Nicaragua’s most prominent journalists and writers, Guillermo Cortés Domínguez is also a Professor at the Universidad Centroamericana (Central American University) in Nicaragua. Activist Damaris Rivera Mendoza is a leading activist, technologist and member of the Leadership Committee of May First/People Link. She lives and works in Managua.