Need to Know - Facebook - a threat and an opportunity: Recording now available

[Listen to the webinar recording]( -threat-and-an-opportunity/).

You’ve heard and read about the scandal surrounding Facebook. The personal information of 50 million Facebook users was captured or transferred, legally and transparently, by a right-wing consulting firm called Cambridge Analytics.

Outrageous but nothing new. Not only does Facebook allow the farming of its data but that’s how it makes its money. And most of our movement submits its data to Facebook for precisely that purpose.

How dangerous is this? As dangerous as can be. What do we do about it? Precisely the question lots of activists are now asking themselves and we want to talk about some answers in this latest Need to Know from May First/People Link and the Progressive Technology Project.

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Sainaba Ali and Praveen Sinha, Nathan ’nash’ Sheard and Jamie McClelland are on board to answer. Sainaba Ali is the Commumnications Director from Equality Labs ( Praveen Sinha is a Technology Engineer at Equality Labs. Nash is the Grassroots Advocacy Organizer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation with a wealth of history and experience that he brings to these issues. Jamie is the chief technologist and member of the Leadership Committee at May First/People Link and Technology Systems Director for the Progressive Technology Project.

[Listen to the webinar recording]( -threat-and-an-opportunity/) from April 19, 2018.