Need to Know: Challenges to Our Internet Under Trump Webinar on Thursday, February 22

Alice Aguilar from the Progressive Technology Project facilitated a conversation with Center for Media Justice’s Steven Renderos, Free Press’s Jessica Gonzalez and May First Leadership Committee Member and Highlander Eductation Team Admin Samir Hazboun on Thursday, February 22, 2018.

Listen to the [english]( webinar/) or [spanish]( recordings.

Alice Aguilar
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We’ll be talking about preserving our Internet and expanding its access against the Trump Adminstration which is attacking its neutrality, expanding surveillance, and staunchly denying affordable and simple access to millions of people in this country. Trump didn’t invent this but he’s made it much worse.

Donald Trump, and the people he represents, wants to take away your Internet and is making bold and expansive moves to do just that. CMJ, Free Press and MF/PL have been leading the fight against those moves and we want to talk with you about them and what we can do.

It’s the latest in our Need to Know series and you can register here.

So let’s get registered for this informative and vitally important event.