21st Century COINTELPRO--FBI Surveillance Then and Now - How to Protect Ourselves

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21st Century COINTELPRO–FBI Surveillance Then and Now - How to Protect Ourselves

Monday, December 12th at 12pm PACIFIC / 1pm MOUNTAIN / 2pm CENTRAL / 3pm EASTERN

You don’t want to miss this online presentation. Let us explain why.

You’re getting a lot of email describing the tough times we’re facing. And it’s true…we’re heading for some very difficult and dangerous times. We need to be ready to resist and push back…paticulary in the area of communications and our right to use communications technology. This new administration is not only threatening to turn back our rights like destroying the Net Neutrality protections we fought so hard for; it’s encouraging right-wing forces to actually attack us through things like Denial of Service attacks.

Our privacy, data protection and access to each other are all under very real threat.

Sounds intimidating but one thing to keep in mind: we’ve actually been through a very repressive period before and there are lots of people around who lived through it and know all about it.

In the 1970s, the government sponsored a massive surveillance, infiltration and disruption program called COINTELPRO. It destroyed movements, relationships, and activists’ lives. It destroyed the trust and hopefullness needed to build and sustain a movement. It destroyed the movement for justice in this country.

We haven’t seen anything like it since then.

Some of us think we’re about to. But this time, we have ways of fending it off and protecting ourselves and we can start with our communications.

Join Progressive Technology Project and May First/People Link in a phone “presentation/discussion” about COINTELPRO in the 21st Century: How to Protect Yourself.

We’ll talk about what COINTELPRO was and what we’re facing now…and what you can do to protect yourself, your data and your online access.

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Please register and participate. It’s crucial to us all!