May First Elects New Leadership

The members of May First/People Link have elected Rob Robinson, Sandra Contreras Martinez, Manisha Desai, Francia Gutierrez, Aarón Moysén and Jacobo Nájera as new members of the organization’s Leadership Committee. These elected members fill five positions already open as well as the seat occupied by Enrique Rosas who has stepped down from the LC. The full Leadership Committee is listed at:

The membership has also approved six official documents which can be found here:

The vote breakdown:

Values/Valores 84 in favor, 2 against
Goals/Objectivos 84 in favor, 2 against
Mission/Misión 82 in favor, 4 against
Structure/Estructura 80 in favor, 6 against
Intentionality/V 76 in favor, 10 against
Political Environment/Politico 73 in favor, 13 against

And the list of priorities set for our organization by its membership is:

These votes were the final phase of the 2015 Membership Meeting which has now been completed.


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